"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, January 28, 2013

Losing her Wisdom and a snow storm

Hola familia! It looks like you had a great time in New York! Thanks for the pictures :) To answer your questions: Yes send them to 3629 s 900 e #4 SLC UT 84106 and sour sauce sounds good! Eye exam- yeah i can probably do that in the next few weeks. Wow mandys been coming home every month? thats crazy but cool. Ill send you some things in a letter for your talk, i have to think about it. Yes please please send the drivers thing to the mission office asap so i can drive when i get my boot off this week. Wisdom teeth yes they still hurt so I have an appointment on wednesday afternoon. Well buy jello and soft stuff today so we have some in supply. Thats so cool about katies call!! tell her congrats for me (ill want her address too when she leaves) We had a good week. We are seeing so many miracles. The members are starting to see how closely we need to work together to be able to find prepared people to teach. We had 3 members call us this week that we dont know inviting us to come over and teach some of their friends, it was a huge blessing especially since we have been struggling with that a little bit. We just got a huge snow storm yesterday! Soooo much snowww. It was super dangerous so everyone in the mission had to park the cars. We have such nice neighbors, they clean our driveway and car everyday. This upcoming week is going to be pretty busy. I get my wisdom teeth out on wednesday. Friday the boot comes off!! finally :) and we have a baptism that night. Yolanda is so great. She is the aunt of Ernesto (one of our recent converts). She has gone through a lot and is so excited to get baptized and make this change in her life. And ernesto is going to be able to baptize her. Ill send pictures next week. Its crazy to think that we are starting February soon! Everything else is going well. Hope you have a good week! Love you all! Sister Adorable

Wisdom Teeth Blues and Sign Language

Hola Familia! So cool that you are in NY right now! Send me pictures please :) So as far as the wisdom teeth go, Im not sure what to do on that. I have been ok this week and they really havent been hurting me, its just a little bit of pressure on the top ones but i dont know. Ill let you know more about that in my letter this week. Thanks for the cute card that you sent me this week :) The boot comes off Feb 1 so im really excited about that!!! This past week was good. We had an amazing lesson with Yolanda and her two sons at temple square this week. She really was able to recognize the spirit so strongly. She was touched by the things that she was able to see and feel there. We also took her to see the temple model and she wants to prepare to be sealed to her family in the temple in a year. She is amazingly prepared and we are so excited for the progress that she is making. She and her two sons committed to be baptized on Feb 1st!!! The best part is that her nephew Ernesto who just got baptized is getting the priesthood on sunday so he will be able to baptize them all :) Sooo exciting! We have zone conference on Thursday so we have been studying and prepping for that, it should be good so i should have a ton of cool things to share next week. Something cool this week: So in our stake we have our spanish branch , a japanese branch and a deaf ward. So this week was ward conference and the relief society president is from the deaf ward. Soo she was teaching the lesson (signing the whole thing) and there was an interpreter. So she was signing the lesson in english and the interpreter was translating her signs into spanish, it was so cool. Her lesson was talking about the Doctrine of Christ ( Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, Enduring to the End). So she said that she would teach us something cool with our hands. She had us pretend that each finger was a principle. Then she said which ones do we do continually and which ones are only one time. Well baptism and the Holy Ghost you can only do the ordinance one time right? so cross those off. so if you are holding your hand up and you put down your 3rd and 4th finger (baptism and holy ghost) then you make the I love you sign in sign language--cool huh? So as we continue to have faith, repent daily, and endure to the end, we show our heavenly father how much we love him. Other than that things are good, be expecting a letter this week :) I love you and hope you had fun in NY :) Sister Adorable

Monday, January 14, 2013

Serving in Siberia

Hola Familia! Yes I received all of your letters last week. Theyve been sent to my old address but other sisters i know live there so i still get my mail. My current address is 3167 S Dorie Street (bottom) SLC UT 84106. I didnt have time to write yall back last week cause i was super sick. Yeah mom and dad if you could send me some more catalyn/thymex/whatever else thatd be great. I was sorry to hear that dad was so sick, hope hes better. Well this week has been freezing!! it hasnt been this cold in a while. It doesnt matter how many layers you wear, youre still going to be cold. I think last night it got down to -4 degrees outside. The high was 13 haha. So i think thats why i got sick but im better now. On friday we werent allowed to use the mission cars so we stayed home. It was so weird staying home all day. It feels like youre just wasting time haha but its all good So mom bad news. Remember how the dentist told me that i wouldnt need to get my wisdom teeth out?? Well i think he was wrong. Im pretty sure that they are growing in and NEED to come out. I talked to sister winn about that and she said that i DONT need to go home for that (i was kind of worried but so relieved when she said that) and that i just need to talk to you about what your preference on dentist would be over here so i can get it done here. So I dont know if you could research a person who could pull those for me out here. That would be great! For now its been giving me headaches so ive been taking ibuprofen but just let me know what you think. Also random but can you send me the recipe for lumpia in the mail this week? Ive been super craving it and some of the other missionaries in my zone asked if i could make some haha. :) This week has been good. Remember Ernesto who got baptized 2 weeks ago? Well we started teaching his aunt and 2 cousins and they all want to be baptized. So right now they are on date for Jan 26 :) Also last night for dinner we ate with some lady who speaks spanish but doesnt go to our branch. Her nephew came too. Hes a RM and the lady was clearly trying to set Sister Harris up with him haha super awkward. But she was really nice and wants to do missionary work. She says that she teaches english classes and usually charges a lot but that she is willing to have our investigators come for free! She also wants us to teach her neighbor family so thats really exciting. Yesterday at church we had 5 people come (Kimberly, Aileen, Yolanda, Roberto, and Giovanni). We were so excited! Kimberly is the little sister of one of the members in our ward. She really likes coming to church and wants to learn more so were going over to her sisters house tonight to have a lesson with her. Aileen is a friend of one of the members. Shes 12 and loves church and mutual. She even participated in Young Women in Excellence program a few weeks ago and gave a really good talk on integrity. We are just waiting for written parent permission so we can officially start teaching her the lessons. Yolanda and her two sons are the ones who are getting ready to be baptized! They are so great and loved church yesterday! Yolanda has a little 2 year old son (Angel) and he is so cute! Hes chubby and little but he has a man voice, he loved church too! Other than that things are good. Its supposed to be FREEZING this week and then we are supposed to get another huge snow storm the week after. AHH but we have the nicest neighbors. This guy Joe has been cleaning our car everyday and he helped us dig our car out when it got stuck on Friday :) Anyway thats about all for now. hope you have an amazing week!! Love you! Hermana Adorable
Ernesto's Baptism
Noemi and bryans baptism :)
New Years Eve Mission Party with Sister Ray