"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, June 24, 2013

Staying in the Utah Salt Lake Mission

So its official, Sister Adorable will be staying in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. That means the end of her mission stays the same. She will be released in December 2013. here's her email today 6/24/13. The pictures above are from service projects from previous weeks. Mom! you seriously write the best letters! haha miss you! Im glad that you enjoyed those pics of me, yup ive been running haha. I have to eat so much so thats what ive been trying to do to balance that out. The wedding for America and Jose went sooo well, they were so cute and happy! And jose got baptized on saturday :) it was a perfect baptismal service! haha sorry i should have explained what a district was to you sooner! I love the people in my new district! Elder Verges (my really good friend now from Argentina) stayed with me and is training 2 elders. Elder Tapia is from florida but his mom is from Puerta Rico and his dad is from Honduras. He is a recent convert and the only member in his family, hes great! The other elder is Elder Woods... ok so picture this..the guy from the best two years, the nerdy new one....got it? well thats him haha. soooo funny. I was being nice to him last week because he is super insecure with his spanish. well he thought that i was checking him out!!! haha sooooo funny. about living with sister ray, im still not sure. ill try to get that figured out within the next few weeks. mom, you are such a great member missionary! such a strong example to me always. Im excited for where things are going with Naoko. im glad that things at the office arent as stressful, i have been praying for that. im glad that tasha is having fun with her new group of friends! Wow paolo getting taller :) good! Yesterday at church someone played that duet taht amanda and pao played, my heavenly father loves me... i cried a lot haha. miss them :) i got a letter from mandy this week and sounds like she is doing great. i also got your letters but just today because i moved houses on wednesday. now we live with a member in her basement, it is like a mansion and is soooo cute! i love it! I will be living here for a while too :) sooo im staying in the salt lake city mission officially which means that i dont finish until December 4 :) I miss you a ton mom and cant wait to see you! ill try to write a letter this week. love you! Rin

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mission Splitting!

Utah Salt Lake City Mission will be split and depending on the transfer last wednesday, we will find out if Sister Adorable will be assigned to the East or South Mission. This will affect her last day at the mission. She sent a few pictures which I will be posting in the next few days. Mom

Love Layton!

I know that you always say that im strong but you are so strong mom. having 2 missionaries (maybe 3 soon?) out at the same time is hard but you are so supportive and I love hearing about your missionary stories. I am not surprised at all about amanda and the boys haha. she is beautiful so its no shock to me :) My last actual day in the mission is December 4. you should come fly out the sunday before so you can come to church with me. I want to stay here on december 4 through the night and we will go see my members, recent converts and investigators so maybe book the flight back for the day after (dec 5). I cant believe you are buying that flight already haha, i still feel like i just got here. I love the mission, its everything to me. I love layton! its seriously the promised land of the mission. President and Sister Winn leave in 2 weeks :( im going to miss them a lot but i know that president and sister hansen will be great too. i think that we are going to meet them on wednesday at transfers. Love you and miss you lots Rin

Hey Dad...for Father's Day

I hope that you had a good fathers day. the food sounds great! Im glad that tash's party went well. Im bummed that we wont be able to go on the cruise when i get back haha, i was looking forward to that but thats ok. Yeah south america would be cool too. I have a ton of friends from there now from the mission and it will be summer there. Im doing well, i got a call from president today that im training again. She is the only spanish sister that is coming into the mission. its the winns last few weeks with us too so everyone has just been a little bit sad about that. other than that things are good. dad, check out this video on mormon.org called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father". its awesome. Love you Rin

Dont Worry..Be happy!

Sister Rinna Adorable was assuring me, her mom, that Sister Amanda Adorable will be okay as she prepares at the MTC for her mission to Atlanta. As I prepare to take over the blog, she assures me everything will be okay! Mom, good job on amanda's blog! its soo cute! She is doing so great and im so excited for her to enter the field this week :) Love you Hermana Adorable


Hola Familia! Thanks for the letters! I havent gotten the package yet but im sure its coming soon. Im so sad that i didnt get to hear from amanda, she said that she is going to send me a letter though. Im glad that she is doing well and that she likes her companion. Ive been praying that she will get a good trainer this week. Tash, who's brian? and why havent i heard about him?? haha Lets see this past week was a little bit crazy! nothing too exciting to mention but it just was super busy and went by really fast. Story: Sister Cleveland told us that one of our investigators needed our help on Friday. So we planned on going over to help him. His name is Larry Lope. So i asked sister cleveland how many people needed to go and how long it would take. We took our district of 8 people and she told me that it would only take 10 minutes. We started at 11 and ended 10 minutes before 5 haha. We leveled the ground in Larry's backyard and laid down sod! It was a lot of work and so much fun! but i never want to do that again haha. The whole time Larry just kept saying "I dont know how i will ever be able to repay you" and we just kept thinking "no worries, when youre baptized in a few weeks well call it even" :) They are such a great family though, we loved helping them out. They actually remind me a lot of you and dad. Larry is super open but his wife Inez is super catholic and doesnt really want to hear anything from us. Advice mom? what did the missionaries do that helped soften your heart and have the desire to change? Saturday we helped one of our other investigators (angie) move houses. wayyy easier than laying down sod haha. it was fun! Yesterday we tried to transition one of our current investigators Mark to the YSA ward. He really really likes Hna Walker haha. So we took him to the YSA ward, it was weird being there. I definitely like the family ward better :) But i think that he liked it so that should be good and the elders will start teaching him. This upcoming week is going to be even crazier. Right now i have 3 comps. On wednesday Sister Arias goes back to temple square because she is done with her outbound mission here. Monday my 2 visa waiter companions go to Argentina. So Ill be with the english sisters for two days and then get a new companion on Wedesday. On Friday America and Jose are getting married! We are so excited for them and then Jose gets baptized on Saturday at 1 :) They are such a great couple and we are excited that they are taking these steps. I think thats pretty much all from this week. I have a ton of pics for you though so enjoy! Love you! Hermana Adorable

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can you believe its June?!!!!

Hola Familia! Mom! I cant believe someone broke into your car! So sorry that happened :( Haha Im not surprised at all that it was hard when Amanda left on her mission. It wont get any easier when Tash and Pao go either. Yeah its crazy that its already June! I really dont know when that happened, it was really just January haha. Tasha's grad party will be fun! Awww Pao and his first stake dance :) cute!! I cant wait to hear him play the piano again :) The journal sounds great! Thanks! Also YES I got the money, thanks sooooo much :)) it was an exciting surprise :) Amanda looks so cute!!!!!! Sister Adorable is going to be a wonderful missionary! This past week was good but it was a tough one. We were working so hard this whole week to help our investigator Maria prepare for her baptism on sunday night but in the end she decided that she was not going to get baptized yet. We were super bummed but still were able to feel a confirmation that we really had done everything that we needed to and that Heavenly Father was still proud of us. We had a really cool experience though. My comp has been attacked by bugs and has a ton of bites. There was one on her arm and it was swelling and spreading so we took her to the doctor. The nurse that took us back is a less active member that we had been trying to contact for a long time. She has 2 unbaptized daughters. So Tasha, the less active member, was our nurse! It was crazy because she never works in instacare. She was just assigned to work there for that day. She was supposed to be getting married soon. She started talking to us, she recognized us because we sang in church on sunday. She invited us to her wedding and then we met her daughters there so now we are going to start teaching them and they want to get baptized! It was a wonderful miracle. On tuesday we had a special meeting with just the sisters in the mission. It was really cool. I thought that they were just going to talk a lot about how there are a ton of sisters coming into the mission and about sister leadership positions buuut it wasnt at all. we just talked a lot about motherhood. we talked a lot about how we are going to be the mothers of the children that are going to usher in the coming of the Savior. sooo cool right? they talked a lot about how the Lord needed us to come on missions not only to help his children come unto Him through baptism but also that He needed us to come on mission because it is the best preparation for us to be the mothers of these valiant and noble children. then we all had pedicures and a catered dinner :) it was fun! Inline image 1 We just found out this past week that my 2 visa waiter companions now have their visas so they are leaving on the 17th. My other companion is a temple square assigned missionary that was doing her outbound here in salt lake. She goes back to temple square next wednesday. Then the week after that is transfers! So crazy. I love this area, it really is the promised land of the mission. I think that my body is starting to die a little bit though ahah, on pday we just sleep until we have to go out and work again. I love this mission and being able to be a part of this work, its the best ever! Inline image 2 Inline image 3 Sister Walker and Sister Cleveland (my favorite VISA waiters ) Love you so much and hope that you have a good week! Hermana Adorable