"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, June 24, 2013

Staying in the Utah Salt Lake Mission

So its official, Sister Adorable will be staying in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. That means the end of her mission stays the same. She will be released in December 2013. here's her email today 6/24/13. The pictures above are from service projects from previous weeks. Mom! you seriously write the best letters! haha miss you! Im glad that you enjoyed those pics of me, yup ive been running haha. I have to eat so much so thats what ive been trying to do to balance that out. The wedding for America and Jose went sooo well, they were so cute and happy! And jose got baptized on saturday :) it was a perfect baptismal service! haha sorry i should have explained what a district was to you sooner! I love the people in my new district! Elder Verges (my really good friend now from Argentina) stayed with me and is training 2 elders. Elder Tapia is from florida but his mom is from Puerta Rico and his dad is from Honduras. He is a recent convert and the only member in his family, hes great! The other elder is Elder Woods... ok so picture this..the guy from the best two years, the nerdy new one....got it? well thats him haha. soooo funny. I was being nice to him last week because he is super insecure with his spanish. well he thought that i was checking him out!!! haha sooooo funny. about living with sister ray, im still not sure. ill try to get that figured out within the next few weeks. mom, you are such a great member missionary! such a strong example to me always. Im excited for where things are going with Naoko. im glad that things at the office arent as stressful, i have been praying for that. im glad that tasha is having fun with her new group of friends! Wow paolo getting taller :) good! Yesterday at church someone played that duet taht amanda and pao played, my heavenly father loves me... i cried a lot haha. miss them :) i got a letter from mandy this week and sounds like she is doing great. i also got your letters but just today because i moved houses on wednesday. now we live with a member in her basement, it is like a mansion and is soooo cute! i love it! I will be living here for a while too :) sooo im staying in the salt lake city mission officially which means that i dont finish until December 4 :) I miss you a ton mom and cant wait to see you! ill try to write a letter this week. love you! Rin

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