"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hola Familia! Thanks for the letters! I havent gotten the package yet but im sure its coming soon. Im so sad that i didnt get to hear from amanda, she said that she is going to send me a letter though. Im glad that she is doing well and that she likes her companion. Ive been praying that she will get a good trainer this week. Tash, who's brian? and why havent i heard about him?? haha Lets see this past week was a little bit crazy! nothing too exciting to mention but it just was super busy and went by really fast. Story: Sister Cleveland told us that one of our investigators needed our help on Friday. So we planned on going over to help him. His name is Larry Lope. So i asked sister cleveland how many people needed to go and how long it would take. We took our district of 8 people and she told me that it would only take 10 minutes. We started at 11 and ended 10 minutes before 5 haha. We leveled the ground in Larry's backyard and laid down sod! It was a lot of work and so much fun! but i never want to do that again haha. The whole time Larry just kept saying "I dont know how i will ever be able to repay you" and we just kept thinking "no worries, when youre baptized in a few weeks well call it even" :) They are such a great family though, we loved helping them out. They actually remind me a lot of you and dad. Larry is super open but his wife Inez is super catholic and doesnt really want to hear anything from us. Advice mom? what did the missionaries do that helped soften your heart and have the desire to change? Saturday we helped one of our other investigators (angie) move houses. wayyy easier than laying down sod haha. it was fun! Yesterday we tried to transition one of our current investigators Mark to the YSA ward. He really really likes Hna Walker haha. So we took him to the YSA ward, it was weird being there. I definitely like the family ward better :) But i think that he liked it so that should be good and the elders will start teaching him. This upcoming week is going to be even crazier. Right now i have 3 comps. On wednesday Sister Arias goes back to temple square because she is done with her outbound mission here. Monday my 2 visa waiter companions go to Argentina. So Ill be with the english sisters for two days and then get a new companion on Wedesday. On Friday America and Jose are getting married! We are so excited for them and then Jose gets baptized on Saturday at 1 :) They are such a great couple and we are excited that they are taking these steps. I think thats pretty much all from this week. I have a ton of pics for you though so enjoy! Love you! Hermana Adorable

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