"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Rinna didn't have very much time to email this week but so far she is loving Layton! She says the work is amazing and she will tell us more next week! Pics of Hermana's district, daughters, and roommates :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Transfers: Layton and a New Companion

Hola familia! Sooo this week was crazy! Transfers were on Wednesday and they moved me to Layton. I absolutely love this area! The ward is huge and everyone is so great. I love love love my companion Sister Walker. She is great, she is a really hard worker and really wants to be here. We live a little bit out of the area in Kaysville but its not too far of a drive. Sister Walker and I are in a car. The other two sisters are on bikes. There are 8 missionaries serving in this ward with me! crazy huh? 4 of them are waiting for visas for argentina. Wednesday was my first day in the area. It was raining super hard. I am the only person with driving privileges in my companionship and we were trying to get to know the area. Well i got pulled over by the police ha. He wasnt very nice, he pulled 3 people over right after me. Also i dont think it helped that he didnt really like missionaries that much. sad. Saturday night there was a ward talent show. It was super good and cute but wayy long. Sister Walker and I sang in the show because they reserved a spot for the missionaries to do something, so we just put something together quickly. Yesterday was soo great to be able to talk to you all! Paolo has gotten so tall and soo good at the piano. I want a CD of him playing things like that :) Tash will have fun at prom! Im so excited that Amandas going into the MTC! Since the Slays dooo live in my area, you should take a trip through Layton before he drives you there...just an idea ;) Something that i ate yesterday was no bueno...feeling kinda sick today. Sister Walker feels sick too. Anyway im so excited to be here! Love you all and hope that you have a good week! Hermana Adorable

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

End of a Transfer, Baptisms, Hiking Ensign Peak, and Going to the Temple

Hola familia! Im so excited that i get to see all of you on sunday!! Still have no idea whos house and at what time but will call you later in the week once i get that figured out in my new area. This past week was sooooo awesome! We worked so hard and saw so many miracles. We put a family of 4 on date to be baptized on June 1st :) Later that night we were planning and trying to figure out how we were going to get more people to church on sunday and right when i said that, someone from an english ward called us and said that he met someone that wants to go to church on sunday! It was such a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father really is helping us in His work. So we set up an appointment with this brother and his wife to meet Adriana at her work. We went over the next day and she was solid! So excited to come to church. Later we chatted with the brother and sister and their daughter married a Filipino guy. Hes from Manila too. He said he was a famous child actor in a movie called Magic Temple? Do you know who im talking about?? Anyway that was a really cool experience this week. BEST THING OF THE WEEK: Mery Bustamante got baptized yesterday!! Sister Harris and I started out teaching her back in November and she knew everything but just didnt feel like it was her time. Sister Nesbit and I started teaching her again last transfer and she finally felt a confirmation that this is her time to be baptized. Last sunday we were bummed because she told us that she was going to have to move her date (originally on april 20) because her grandson had a chuck e cheese bday party. BUT she was solid yesterday and was so excited to get baptized even though she was super sick with a cold. Somehow after her baptism her cold was pretty much gone. way cool. She asked me to sing at her baptism too so that was special and a great way to end the weekend here. Today we hiked Mt Ensign with half of the mission and it was so fun! I was dying ha but it was good and the view was beautiful. President Winn said something cool at the top. He said, " The Lord could have sent you anywhere; Africa, Asia, South America, Russia. But instead, he sent those people to you here. THink about how special you all are to have to privilege to teach all of those brothers and sisters from all around the world right here in Salt Lake City" Sooo cool :) I love love this mission! The hike was super steep but fun :) and the weather was great :) All of that was great but probably the most rewarding thing that happened this week is that my comp came up to me and told me that she now wants to be here and be a missionary! I was sooo excited! Well i think thats about all for this week! Love you all and miss you! SOOO Excited to see you on sunday! :) (ps sometime at night will probably be best after church and meetings ) Have a great week! Hermana Adorable