"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, December 10, 2012

2000 Baptisms, Christmas, and Hitting the 6 Month Mark

Hola Familia!! Mom and dad thanks for the great letters this week! This week i got the package from the youth in the ward and a package from the Bluhm family, can i have their address so i can send them a thank you card? THanks for the care package from the ward, the letters were super funny. Tash, how does someone i dont even know write more to me than you did? haha. Annie's letter was really cute, thats exciting that they are back in the ward. Alright to respond to your letter: Favorite scripture is a hard one, maybe 3 nephi 13:5 or Alma 37:37. there are too many good ones and favorites but one of those will work. And yes you can send my letters to whoever wants them :) As for the biking pic, i like that one too. only problem is its on my last companion's camera so i dont have it :(( if you write her a letter and ask for it im sure she could get it to you next week Sister Jenny Bragg 3195 s 300 e #1 SLC UT 84115. Sorry about that. Ok for christmas, im still not really sure whats going to happen/ when were talking to you yet BUT i do know that we found someones house to skype. So ill get to see you but i still dont know how the mission is doing calls on christmas. Ill let you know as soon as i know. Thanks for the shoes, ill for sure use those and throw the others ones away haha. Mom, thats so great that you bore your testimony! Glad that tasha's talk went well. This past week was really great. We are continuing to see miracles everyday. We are looking at having 8 baptisms this month and 7 more in January so things are definitely going well in the area. We have a family of 4 (the Mendez Family) getting baptized on saturday. So the parents are getting married at 11am and then the baptism will be at 5. Its also their oldest sons 17th birthday so thats going to be such a special day for them. We just helped another one of our investigators go and get their marriage license and they want to get married in 2 weeks. That was a miracle because Salvador was completely against it. We are so happy though because then Naomi can finally get baptized! She has been coming to church/ trying to pay her tithing for about 2 years straight. Her son is 8 and so ready to be baptized but wants to do it with his mom. So theyll probably get baptized on dec 29. Oh i forgot, Luis Mendez and his son Jean Pierre (hes 5) they both had their hair super long! Well we stopped by on saturday for a lesson and they both cut it! They look so good. He said, " i told you sisters, there are going to be some changes in my life. first my hair and on saturday baptism" SOOOO amazing!! We are getting close to hitting about 2000 baptisms for this year in this mission. Keep praying for us that we will be able to keep finding those people who are ready to hear and accept the gospel so that we can ultimately reach our goal of 3500 next year :) Sooo today Sister Harris and I printed out our christmas cards so well start sending those out today. If you have anyone that you think i should send them to, please send me their addresses :) I printed like 5 extra just in case you thought of anyone i missed. For our family christmas card, you can just say that i say merry christmas and write whatever else. Im sending you a christmas card today so maybe ill write a little note for the family card on there. Mom, if you could send some stamps for the cards that would be great :) A year from tomorrow i come home, crazy! Well i think that that is everything for now. Have an amazing week!! Love you! Sister Adorable

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