"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Walks Can be Rewarding

Hola Familia! This past week we ran into a few challenges with the people that we are teaching. Roberto and Giovanni cant meet with us for a while so that was a bummer for us but well see if we can still get them to come to mutual and general conference with us. Were teaching this guy named Libio, he is awesome! Super prepared so we are working with him right now. One of our investigators Jennifer just had a baby so well stop by later on. Tuesday was leadership training and it was super good! Wednesday was pretty good too, nothing too exciting to report though. Thursday we had a delicious enchilada dinner. Super funny because my comp doesnt eat spicy food so Catalina made me super spicy enchiladas and gave my comp some that werent spicy at all. We also went and contacted a less active Jeanette that has a son that isnt baptized. She was really nice and we have an appointment with her tomorrow. Friday was good. We went and visited Yolanda Hernandez and she wasnt home. I felt like we should just randomly walk down her street. we got to the end of the street and turned around to head back when all of a sudden Yolanda and her kids come driving down that same road. They honked and asked us to come over. way cool. then we went and saw noemi, shes doing well. she is super funny. Saturday we did exchanges and i was with my friend sister druker. She is a temple square sister but she was doing her outbound mission here. She goes back to temple square on wednesday so it was really nice to serve with her. Hope paolo had a good birthday! SUnday was good. I found out that one of my friends that was serving in washington dc goes to one of the wards taht i serve in and that she gets back on wednesday, ill probably see her at some point ha THere was a stake fireside so we went to that and it was pretty good. Thats about all i have for this week. Hope you are all doing well! Have a great week! Love you! Sister Adorable

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