"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hola Familia! Thanks so much for the birthday package! I loved it, i really like the skirt and dress that you sent me. Haha no worries, they fit. I actually havent gained weight miraculously. The shoes fit, thanks! I was so excited to hear about Naoko! Thats so exciting that she is getting baptized on May 11. It was a cool story to read. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are going to be traveling quite a bit mom, suerte. Wish that i could be there when amanda goes through the temple! But I did get permission to go to lunch with her and see her this weekend at conference :) Sooo excited! Tash will have fun at mormon prom im sure. Thats exciting that christians going to korea! I get so excited when i hear about peoples mission calls. wow, the taylors are moving? Things are going well. This past week was actually really good. We really felt like Heavenly Father was guiding us a lot. On Wednesday we went and tried to visit a family in our branch that i didnt know. We stopped at their address but it was a fourplex and we didnt have an apartment number for this family so we knocked on them all. We found this lady, Xochil and she was really nice. She and her family are going to an english ward but she doesnt speak english so were going to try and see if we can get her to come with us to the spanish branch. She has a daughter whos friends with a less active girl that weve been trying to find for weeks (Jummey). So when we visited her we found out that Jummeys living with them now. We also found out the Jummey is pregnant so that was super sad for us but we will keep working with her to try to get her to come back to church. BUT the really cool thing was that on the way back to the car (we parked in a random neighborhood) this guy was unloading some things from his car. When he saw us he yelled over and said, "Hey SISTERS!" So we went over and talked to him. He was so excited to see us. Well he had just come back from dropping his daughter off at the MTC. He and his wife invited us in and we could tell that it was super comforting for them to be chatting with some sisters. We asked them how they were doing and they both just started crying. It was cute because they have a daughter serving in Poland and the one that they just dropped off is going to Armenia and it just made me think about you and dad when amanda leaves and youll have 2 missionaries out too. it was cool though because we knew that we had been sent there to comfort them a little bit. Also before we left they gave us a name of a family that we could visit :) Were still working with the Cuenca Family. We found them a few weeks ago and found out that they were going to the Millcreek ward but they are in our Branch boundaries. We invited them to come to church on Sunday and they said that they would try out sacrament meeting in our branch and see how they feel. They came! Another cool thing about having my birthday on sunday was that we got a ton of people to come to church! :) Sunday was really fun. I love this area and the people in the branch. I felt super loved and they took good care of me. I ate sooooo much food yesterday. really, its a miracle i could walk today ha. (Enchiladas, cuban food, talapia and vegetables, cake cake cake) It was a really good week. This upcoming week we are just preparing everyone for conference! I love this time of the year! We have at least one investigator coming with us to every session so thatll be great! Im also so excited that i get to see amanda and spend some time with her between sessions. I hope you got my letter that i sent you last week mom, about the eye exam? anyway I have to go in next monday to do it. Hope that you have a great week and enjoy conference! Love you and miss you! SIster Adorable

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