"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, April 29, 2013

Prepared People, Dates, Black Heels and Transfers

Hola! This past week was really good. We were blessed and found 6 new people to teach in our area! So excited about that. We were walking down the street on Friday and saw 3 little kids sitting outside so we went and talked with them. They had a hard time responding to us so i asked them if they spoke a different language, they said yes..spanish! So we started chatting with them in spanish and asked them if their mom was home. They took us right to the front door and brought their mom out to talk to us. We taught her a little bit and then asked her when we could come back and teach her more. We set up an appointment for wednesday. We invited her to be baptized and she said that she has actually had a lot of doubts about the Catholic church. She is so prepared! Her names Lorena. We asked her kids what their names and ages were. Alma's 11 :) Christians 8 :) and Ruby is 3 :) I am so excited to be teaching them. Remember that miracle baptism that we had last week? Emanuel? Well heres a funny story for you. First off, i never really talked to him that much because he wouldnt listen to anything i said ha buut anyway. He ended up asking me on a date last week...awkward ha. I said no of course but tried to do so tactfully. Then we went over on thursday to try and get his size for a white shirt. While we were there he randomly started talking about shoe sizes. Then he asked me what shoe size i was so i told him. Then he went into his room and brought out these black high heels. (not my style). Then he said that he had bought them for his aunt for christmas but that they didnt fit her so he thought to give them to me. I tried to leave them but he insisted so i took them and figured that i could just give them to an investigator or something like that. Later that night. He calls me and said you know how i told you i got those shoes for my aunt...well i didnt i got them for you. So awkward haha. Then he somehow found out that im being transferred and was super upset about it. It was just weird haha. This week we have a baptism on Sunday! So excited for that. She was scheduled for tomorrow but her grandson has a bday party at chuck e cheese so they changed it yesterday. She is so cute and really prepared! Ill send pictures next week. I heard that im being transferred for sure. I saw it coming because ive been here for a while. I sang at sacrament meeting yesterday and then they had me bear my testimony. i cried a lot ha but i love this branch so much. Its crazy to think that may starts this week. Rumor has it that im going to Layton. Ill let you know for sure when i find out. If youre planning on sending me anything at the Dorie house, its gotta be this week. If its after then just send it to the mission office :) MOTHERS DAY: sooo since i am being transferred, i have no idea where ill skype or if ill get to :( As soon as i get into that area, ill try to find a place to do it and ill let you know the details when i figure it out :) Thats so excited that amanda is going into the MTC in a month! Thatll also be my year mark! Amanda will love it so much, the mission is the best! So much work but so rewarding and fun. I hope that you have a wonderful week! Love you and miss you all! (Ill send pictures next week) Sister Adorable

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