"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jehovah's Witnesses, the Flu, and Thanksgiving Plans

Hola Familia! Mom, thanks so much for the package that you sent me!! That was way more than i was expecting, thanks so much. I LOVE those boots that you sent me they are so cute and theyll be put to good use. Those came right on time because I just found out that i wore my black flats out. I love the bracelet, its so cute! I saw Amanda's at conference and was happy to get that. I have already put all of the other stuff to use so thanks so much for sending all of that too. My companion and i were talking about how we missed shopping this week because everyone we are teaching is making plans for black friday haha so that was nice to get a early chirstmas present :) I was so excited to hear all about the missionary service that you are doing in the ward. I know that the missionaries really really appreciate all of your efforts and that everything that you are doing to help them doesnt go unnoticed by the Lord. The blessings our family is receiving are clearly a result of the service that we are giving to the Lord. He really is grateful that you are helping Him to fulfill His work and His glory. I was so excited to hear about Lydia, that is so wonderful. During the week, follow up with her on her BOM reading. If she hasnt read, maybe put aside some time to read with her. If the missionaries are thinking about teaching her the second lesson then maybe you could read Alma 34 with her or Alma 40 is a good one too. Mom, i was so excited to hear that you went and did baptisms for the dead with that recent convert. Helping her to get to the temple is a sure way that she will remain active as she is making the transition between being a recent convert and an active member. I know that she will never forget you for helping her out. Mom, you are the cutest mom ever! I cant wait to get those christmas lights and stockings haha. Ill probably save them for after transfers though because im pretty sure that they are going to transfer me to another area. One of the senior missionaries was talking to president winn because he wanted me to stay in the area and president winn said that that probably wont happen haha. but you never know, so well see what happens next wednesday. Thanks for the contact solution, i actually did need that. And as for Paolo's letter i actually havent gotten it. Its weird how i never seem to get his letters haha. ill keep an eye out for it this week. This past week was kind of slow. It seemed like a lot of people decided "not to be home" when we stopped by so that was a little rough but despite all of that we also had some pretty cool experiences. On Tuesday night we decided to contact a referral that we had received from Sister Varo ( shes the member that sent us to Juana who got baptized). We knocked on the door and she answered (her name's Daime). We expected to just have another doorstep lesson but she said "oh its cold out here, do you want to come in?". I guess one advantage to the winter is that people feel sorry for you so they let you in haha. So we sat down on her couch and the first thing that she told us was "I just want you to know that the Jehovah's Witnesses are visiting me too and i have been listening to them for a while" So we just smiled and said that that was fine but that we had a message that would bring her more peace and happiness and direction in her life and that we wanted to share that with her. She agreed to listen and then we taught her the restoration, invited her to pray to know that the BOM is true and invited her to be baptized. She accepted the baptismal invitation. It was really cool to see the Lord send us to this prepared person and to see her whole countenance change as she learned about the truth. So ive been taking those vitamins that you sent me but on wednesday I think i got the stomach flu or something awful like that. I was kind of dying haha. It was like a super bad stomach ache mixed with back aches mixed with every muscle in my body hurting haha. So that wasnt a fun experience but luckily the Lord blessed me and it only lasted one day. Dont worry Im completely fine now :) Saturday night we had another amazing experience. We were visiting this less active family and then they gave us a referral right across the street. Its a guy from uruguay that we had visited 2 months ago that was super anti but we had heard that he said that he wanted to get baptized. So we knock on his door and he opens and says "oh its you" and i said, "Carlos, i heard you want to get baptized" He said yes that he did and he invited us in ( we were with a senior missionary couple too). So we all came in and had an amazing lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes. One problem he is moving back to uruguay on Thursday haha. Hopefully that doesnt actually happen. But one cool thing that he said as we were leaving " I was thinking a lot about you today and i was hoping that you would come by, and you did" IT was such a neat experience. As for this week, they moved our Pday to Thursday since its thanksgiving but they gave us an hour to do emails today. Wednesday we have Leadership training. THursday is going to be crazy haha. We have 2 thanksgiving dinners (12-3pm and 3-6pm) and then from 6-9 we will just be visiting less actives, investigators, and recent converts all night. I tried to get bday cards out for amanda and tash but we didnt have time so those are coming but probably a week late, lo siento. I hope that you two have an amazing birthday!! I love and miss you all so much and hope that this week is a good one! Happy Thanksgiving!! Sister Adorable

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