"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Septemeber 25: Miracle Baptism and Trek

everythings going great here, its starting to get colder!! bikes when its cold is not fun haha but im doing alright. my biking skills are excellent, i actually prefer bikes because it keeps us in shape. i cant think of anything that i need right now...hmm ohhh do you still have that red skirt that you were going to send but then found at home? orr maybe tash will have some time to make me another one? wearing skirts every single day...i need some more variety haha. well, youll never guess what happened this week. we had a MIRACLE BAPTISM!!! this week was was a little bit crazy but really cool too. Nothing really happened on monday so ill skip that one. Tuesday we just had leadership training where they basically told us how we can step it up because we need to if we are going to reach our goal of 3500 baptisms for the year. so that was good and we learned a lot there. Wednesday we tried to apply the things that we learned in training. so heres where the miracle starts. we were thinking and praying about where we needed to go for the next day in nightly planning. for some reason i really really felt like we needed to go stop by hermana casteneda's house first thing the next day. i kept thinking that was weird because she is the young womens president and her family is super active but i suggested that and my companion agreed. so next day we went over and knocked on hermana casteneda's door and guess who opens the door!!?!! ALEXA! (i dont know if you remember her from my older letters but alexa is her niece and she was supposed to get baptized 2 weeks ago but then she suddenly disappeared and we could not contact her, so we just accepted it and moved on) so we set a return appointment for her for 4pm that day. we came back at 4 and just talked about what happened to her and apparently she had been staying in west valley with her dad for the last two weeks and her phone wasnt working. then we asked her how she felt about being baptized still and she said yes and asked when. then i said how about saturday? and she said ok lets do it. so i called the district leader and he came over and interviewed her and she passed. then i called the bishop and he supported us and said that she could be confirmed there too because the brigham city temple dedication was on sunday. i called the stake and there were no other baptisms so we reserved the font and set up her program and we were good to go. saturday, she was set to get baptized at 2pm. she ended up coming about an hour late but thats pretty typical of baptisms in the hispanic community ive learned so it was a perfect service and so great!
Hermanas Adorable and Bragg with Alexa So things that i learned from this experience is that the lord puts prepared people in our path when we are prepared servants. when we are exactly diligent and exactly obedient and exercise perfect faith/trust in our heavenly father then he is bound to bless us and help us out. I like how everything is in the lord's time. we never wouldve found alexa if we had not received the revelation to do so in our nightly planning session and we wouldnt have received that revelation if we hadnt done eveything that we possibly could to be exactly obedient and diligent that day. So that was our cool little miracle that happened this week.:) Yesterday we went on a trek as a mission for our pday. it was a really fun experience to be able to learn and to grow spiritually with the missionaries we are working with. we went to This is the Place Heritage Park. it was overcast and rained some but other than that it was cool that we got to do that. for the women's pull we were definitely given the steepest possible hill to climb and it was hard but super rewarding when we reached the top. it helped us to appreciate all of the sacrifices that our pioneer ancestors did for us. my favorite part was definitely the pony express that came to the top of the mountain. it was a really special treat for all of the missionaries to receive and read letters from their families there :)
Rinna's district on their mission trek Well thats all for this week, i cant believe october starts next week! ive been out for almost 5 months! time goes by fast. my companion is great, her spanish is getting so much better and i love serving with her. mom just remembered that the only thing that i would love is tickets to a sunday session of general conference. if you could get me those that would be amazing!!!! maybe you could ask president wilding if he has some. ive asked around her but no one has any. i love you so much and hope that you have an amazing week! hermana adorable

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