"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 9: Conference Weekend!

Hola! So due to Columbus day yesterday we are emailing today :) This week was kind of a stressful week because we were getting ready for conference. This year we could only go to the conference center or be on temple square if we had an investigator with us. we had planned and committed at least 1 investigator for every session but only had one show up. Thanks so much for the tickets that you found for me. We took one of the recent converts in our ward with us and she was so excited to have that opportunity to sit so close to the prophet. We spent most of this past week just trying to get investigators to come to conference with us or at least watch it at home. Conference is usually one of my favorite times of the year and although it was stressful, it was a great experience to get to attend conference with one of our investigators. Cris Martinez and his member wife came with us on Sunday morning. We stopped by early around 8 to make sure that they were good to go. Cris had been in an accident about a month ago where he broke his pelvis and right arm. He uses a crutch to walk right now. so we stopped by on sunday morning and he looked like he was in more pain than usual so we asked him if he was still ok to go with us. He said that he was good and that he was excited to go. So we all piled into his car and he drove to the conference center. He was doing a great job walking and i know that heavenly father was helping him to have the strength that he needed to be able to make it to conference. Our tickets were in different places so we left Cris and his wife in their seats and made our way to our seats. It was amazing to me how heavenly father answered our prayers through the speakers at conference. walter Gonzalez's talk was exactly what we needed for cris. i loved the part when he said that we all need to come unto christ, repent and be baptized NOW. After conference we met back up with maria and cris and walked them to their car. cris was in a lot of pain so we didnt want to hold them up too much longer so we said we would stop by the next day to see how they were both doing and to pray with cris for a baptismal date. So that was good. Other things: It is freezing already! its perfect during the day but nights are pretty rough but we're doing great. Going to the conference center made me feel like i was back at byu for a while, i saw way too many people i knew haha.
It was super good to get to see amanda! Seems like she is doing well and that she is enjoying her time at byu. Crazy how she can go on a mission now right?? Im excited for her, i think its good that they changed the age for sisters to go on missions too. This week is the last week of the transfer so we are going to work as hard as we can to try and find those who are ready to accept the gospel and be baptized. We were trying to teach a couple, Angelica and Alex, but they have been really difficult to contact. We just found out that they are already members but their 13 yr old daughter still isnt baptized so we will be working with the relief society president, who is their next door neighbor, and see if we can help their daughter get baptized. We are also going to keep working with cris and help him to be able to pray to know when he needs to get baptized. Right now we have one person on date to be baptized on nov 3. Her name is juana and she is super solid. She loves reading the book of mormon and everything about the doctrine of christ and baptism makes so much sense to her. She committed to come to church with us on sunday and is committed to prepare for her baptism. She is also the most patient person i have met on the mission so far. She has 2 autistic kids under the age of 6 and they are always running around and climbing on the walls of her trailer home but she is so good with them and still tunes in to all of the lessons. We love her and she is great!

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