"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 1: Riding her Bike with No Handlebars & Hiding in Trees

So this week's is going to be a short one, lo siento. Nothing too eventful happened this week. But can you believe that it's october already?? these months are flying by. And winter is coming haha its already super cold in the mornings and at night when we are biking home. No worries, ive already figured out how i can wear sweatpants under my skirt for winter :) My biking skills have continued to improve this week, my companion can now ride one-handed and i can ride with no hands! it was pretty exciting and you have to do things like that to make the day more entertaining haha. But dont worry we are still being careful and safe :) This week we had a YM in our ward come up to us and tell us that he wanted our help baptizing his friend. we were super excited and said yes that we would help. he said that he wasnt sure if he had already been baptized or not. so the next day i called into the office to check his records, turns out that he was baptized two years ago. So that was good :) On thursday we went by and tried to contact this referral that we had received a few days before. We came over and knocked on his door but no one answered and then after a while we look up and the guy is hiding in his tree haha. so we talked to him and taught him while he stayed up there in his tree. i thought it was pretty funny. The first thing that he said was that he was a sinner so we should leave haha. we taught him a short lesson and well probably go back early this week. On friday was had zone meeting and had a training on "planning to find". our goal is to find not just a new person but a new family everyday. so we went over how to do that and then planned for this upcoming week. Saturday was the relief society broadcast. we couldnt find anyone who was available to come up with us to the conference center so we just stayed in our area and thought we'd watch it at the stake center. so e went to the stake center and no one was there. turns out that they were only broadcasting it at another stake center. so we were on 3300 s and 600 e and we had to bike over to 2280 s and 300 e. I think we set a new record cause we made it over there and into the broadcast in like 13 minutes. The broadcast was super good and helped us a lot for the people we are currently teaching right now. I am really excited for conference this upcoming weekend! We are only allowed to go up to the conference center or be on temple square if we have investigators with us but my companion and i have investigators coming with us for every session so we wll be there all day on saturday and sunday! Im sure there will be a ton of protestors outside this year especially but i am so excited to get up there. our mission president told us in our last meeting that any investigator that comes to conference is promised to get baptized so im excited for these 4 people that we are taking up this weekend :) I hope that everything is going well at home and that you are keeping up in our reading of the Book of Mormon. I love you! Sister Adorable

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