"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Off to Granite

So its my first week in real life. I met my trainer Hna Picuasi from Ecuador on wednesday. She is awesome! love her! So on the first day we went out to temple square and had a competition for all of the missionaries that arrived to the salt lake mission (37) at temple square. So we went around and talked to EVERYONE! we ran into some pretty interesting people. Then we looked for our apartment. They told us the wrong one. So we had to go all the way to the other side of the area. Sooo good news and bad news: I live outside of my area so they gave us a car :) but bad news is that it takes forever to get to our area so we waste a lot of time commuting. Im pretty sure that they are going to move us to a new apartment soon (probably this week). Ok so the area im serving in is Granite. They whitewashed the area so we are opening it up...aka starting from zero. Its been fun! Im living in Rose Park right now. we knock on doors/teach from 1-8:50pm. Then we get home around 9:15, plan for 30 mins, pray and crash. then we get up at 6:25 and do it all over again. The first day we pretty much went around and tried to meet the leadership and get to know them a little bit. Then we knocked doors. So far ive met a ton of people in salt lake that dont know anything about the gospel. We ran into a girl who was baptised when she was eight but then left the church because she was gay. So we're working with her. We also ran into an ex-bishop who doesn't believe in God anymore. This past week we found 7 new investigators. One guys name is Fernando. He's about 40ish. His girlfriend is LDS. He is a great guy and super solid, just has a ton of hard questions. Hes super analytical and claims that if this is the true church then it should have all of the answers. He's progressing well. We found another great family (mariana and ana) she is an amazing mom and we have seen so many changes in their family. the kids used to be super hyper and crazy and not respect their mom at all but now they all fight over who is going to say the prayers. we are taking them to temple square on friday. Also Fernando, Mariana and Ana are all put on date for a baptism the first and second week of july. next week we are hoping to put 4 or 5 more people on date at least. yesterday night we went and found another family that had never had the missionaries over before. We are going over tonight to have an FHE with them. they have like 7 kids that are under 9. Everything is going great and things are fun. Im in the real world! This is what its about. I love the mission. The church is true. The book of mormon is awesome!! it truely converts people. Give the missionaries references!! they need them. If you ever see a missionary say hi, it will brighten up their day :) love you all :)))

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