"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 2 at the MTC

Hey everyone! So Sundays are the best here at the MTC. Since im the coordinating sister i had a lot of meetings that i had to go to but when i wasnt in a meeting it was really nice to just enjoy the day. We had a modesty fireside (again) and then they mentioned something about sister missionaries not being allowed to carry backpacks anymore? i dont know, that was the first id heard about that. im just going to wait til i get to salt lake and talk to my mission president about that. Soooo in one of my meetings on Sunday i met this Australian sister who is going where? MANILA!! sooo i got her email and told her id give her a list of references when she gets there (aka our familia) soo mom if you could get a list together of addresses and telephone numbers of auntie paula, uncle paul, uncle bits, your friends from high school, college, their friends, etc... basically as many people as you can write down, ill email it to her and she will get to work :)) we also got to go on a temple walk for an hour, even though its just across the street, its so nice to get out of the MTC every once in a while. Monday, Hermana Aguilar left...so sad. I taught my first TRC lesson, it went pretty well. Im pretty used to teaching now so i dont really get nervous anymore. I got sick on Monday night... learning that the MTC food isnt all that healthy for you. Ive learned to avoid the chicken and the orange juice and everything else is ok. Tuesday, I had to say goodbye to Hermana Morales, my roommate. She was like my mom here so that was really really hard for me. I cried a lot. i have no idea how im going to deal with transfers. I get wayy too attached to the people that im serving with already. We had a devotional that night by Elder Zwick and his wife from the seventy. it was on the book of mormon and it was amazing!! Also got 5 letters that day so taht was well-timed. I needed that little pick me up. Wednesday, Hermana Collazos and Rojas left today. Although im excited, saying goodbye to 4 sisters in a row this week has been tough. Wednesday was hard because i could really feel satan working on me. President Tyler, my branch president gave us a little devotional about feeling the spirit and that really helped. He said that even when you are under the influence of satan that if you feel the strong desire to do good that you are still in the company of the holy ghost, that made me feel way better. The next day i got a blessing from our zone leaders and it was probably one of the best blessings ive ever had. The power of the priesthood is amazing! that was the best day id had at the MTC thus far. but back to wednesday, we got 7 new sisters in our zone, the most out of any of the other zones at the MTC. One of the girls is going to Dallas, TX!!!! Three of the new sisters are in my room. Sister Alcantar from mexico is so sweet, i love her already. Sister Nelson is from Utah and has a super sarcastic and strong personality so im having a ton of issues with her but im trying hard to serve her as much as possible so i can learn to love her and lead her. Sister Monjares is really quiet but sweet too and i hope to get to know her better. Today!! I got to go to the temple, finally!! the new missionaries dont get to go the first weekend they are here. It was a great way to start off the day. We had to get up at 5:50 to get there but it was worth it. After we finished the session, i was in the womens dressing room and ran into my friend Brittany Ogletree Clark and her mom!! it was so goooood to see them. After that we ate breakfast in the temple....delicious!!! the cafeteria food here is gross. I got a letter from my mission president who said they had 42 baptisms this past week making it a total of 135 for the month. i thought that was pretty good but he said its the lowest theyve had since theyve been mission presidents so we in the MTC need to study harder and help them pick up the pace. Alsooo i got my travel plans yesterday and i leave the MTC on June 13 at 6am. we drive everyone to the airport and then we drive to our mission haha. So excited! also one of my friends elder hunt got his mission call reassigned and he is heading out to the best state in the US, TEJAS :)) Spanish is coming great, i almost cant remember englsih. my companion is amazing!! im learning so much from her . Her dad was the mission president in colombia and is now the first counselor in the mission presidency in panama. She got to go to the salt lake temple today cause she is international. She keeps mentioning that she really wants a skirt like i have and they sell some here so i think im gonna get her one soon :) I LOVE HER. she is such a good example and inspiration for me. I wish i had more time but we only get 30 minutes. I love yall. This church is true. the gospel is amazing. the book of mormon is absolutely 100% true and inspired. Every single word in that book is powerful. Bearing your testimony and developing it has been the most useful thing for me as i have been teaching and that with the spirit can be one of the most powerful tools we have as missionaries. I love yall and will talk to you next week. thus far ive had about 250 comments about my last name haha. i think im gonna stop counting now. LOVE YOU!! :))

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