"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Working in Granite

So i've officially been out in the field for two weeks now and have learned soo much. I absolutely love my trainer she is so great and such a hard worker. We've seen so many miracles and met a lot of interesting people. To anyone who thought there wasnt a lot of work to do in Salt Lake, well youre wrong. I had no idea how much work there was to do but im excited to be working out here. So right now im living in Rose Park (out of my area) and working in Granite. They whitewashed the area so we were basically starting from zero. The first week we were here we just worked a lot to try to get to know all of the leadership..such a good idea because they already know the area and people so that was great! also we worked a lot off of referrals. As of right now we have 6 people on date to be baptized and we are teaching around 13 people. So miracles of the last two weeks: 1. Mariana- so mariana is in her 30s and she has 4 kids (armando 12, ernesto 10, ana 9, cindy 7) and she is going to get married to her 'husband' soon. she was a referral. we stopped by at her house and she didnt seem very interested but she we could tell right off the bat that she needed something. so we started teaching her and her kids were running around like crazy everywhere and her husband marcus always left everytime we came over. so that was the first lesson. Then we kept coming back. as the lessons kept going, the kids started to calm down. they would sit in on the lessons and participate. some of the kids' friends would come over and tell them to come out and play but they would say no we're listening to the sisters and you should too. so things were going well so my companion and i decided that it was time to take them to temple square (requirement for baptism in my mission). so we took them there and they loved it and the loved the idea of eternal families. so we invited them to church. they said yes. then we went over on saturday to remind them about church the next day. cindy opened the door and marcus with there. we asked if mariana was home and they said she was showering so she couldnt come out. so we stood outside and asked them about church again. cindy said that mariana told her that they werent going to church and then they shut the door. sooo sad and confused. so my companion and i stood outside and said a prayer cause we didnt know what to do. then we started to walk down the stairs and mariana comes running out and wants to talk to us. so we talked and she told us her concerns. she said that marcus had told her some things about mormons (anti mormon stuff) and she wanted to know if it was true. so we came inside, had our first lesson with marcus and the family, and then reminded them about church the next day. welll they didnt show up to church (happens a lot) buut it was breakthrough to have a lesson with marcus. we stopped by marianas yesterday and asked her what happened and why they didnt go to church and well she said she knows that she needs to pray (because she hasnt done that yet) and that marcus wants to know more!! sooo that was a miracle...well keep working with them 2. cool story. had the chance to go to a baptism of one of my companion's investigators from her old area. he was around 25. his girlfriend was a recent convert of 2 years. so he gets baptized. she says the closing prayer. he gets up and bares his testimony. calls his girlfriend up. says some stuff. gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring and tah dah baptism proposal. BEST DAY EVER! 3. so my companion and i were knocking doors at this apartment complex and NO ONE answered but we knew they were home (also happens a lot haha) but then all of a sudden we heard some hispanic music playing downstairs so my companion and i got so excited. we ran down the stairs and found this cute catholic family (mom dad 2 kids ). so we started teaching them outside the door but then they thankfully let us come in after about 10 minutes. so we were telling them about the restoration and then they were like oh well we're catholic. and my companion and i said well we were too. so we told them our family's conversion stories. then they got interested. then we tried to leave them with the book of mormon but the dad said no because if he accepted the book then he accepted our religion and he was catholic. so my companion and i left them with a hymn and a prayer. then my companion told me to run out of their house so i did without knowing why. then i asked her why and she said sister guess what i did. then i realized that she left the book of mormon on their couch haha. then we got to the car and she was looking for our keys but she couldnt find them. then i remembered that the keys were right next to the book of mormon!! so we said a prayer asking for a miracle. the dad comes running out and i was so disappointed thinking he would bring the book of mormon back buuut NO! just the keys. such a cool experience. 4. so we were knocking doors at an apartment complex and we ran into a man on the way to an appointment. so normally i would never have talked to him. honestly he scared me. super buff body builder looking guy with a goatee and tatoos everywhere. buut the spirit prompted us to talk to him so we did. we started teaching and asked for a return appointment and he said NO way. then we sang "i believe in christ" and he changed. He said actually i think you should come by. crazy. i think our biggest let in tactic is singing a hymn. it works! 5. sandiva- so we were knocking doors and we had already been to this apartment complex before. we tried this one door and this lady answered and she had to have been offended by the missionaries or the church or something because she was super cold towards us. anyway so we saw this dad carrying his son into that same apartment so we went back there. we taught about god's love and that we are his children and this man seriously started to cry. then we were going to leave him a book of mormon chapter to read after we left. we sang a hymn and then we were going to leave after a prayer. but after we sang the hymn he started reading the chapter out loud right there while we were standing at the door. so we let him read it and just listened. then we stopped him and asked him how he felt. he told us peace and joy and that this is what he wanted for his family sooo i committed him to be baptized in 3 weeks and he said absolutely and that he wanted us to help him prepare. then we bore testimony and ended with a prayer. AMAZING. the mission is great, I couldnt think of anything better i could be doing at this time of my life. Hope you all are having amazing experiences too.

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