"...behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."-Alma 37:6

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 3 at the MTC

P-day was today (saturday) this week because we had in field training all day yesterday...13 hours... yeah it was long. I head out on wednesday morning at 6am. Hopefully i survive the long journey there haha So this past week...not very eventful just teaching and preping to head out. Hermana Bram and I taught the best lesson we've taught at the MTC. Our teacher even started crying, he said it was good and the spirit was super strong. Also i got a blessing from my branch president this week and it was seriously like a second patriarical blessing. He typed it up and gave it to me so i could look over it over and over again. He is soooo great, everything that comes out of his mouth is amazing. i bet he's one of the three nephites. amazing! We did a lot of role playing in class this week and something interesting that one of my teachers said was that of all the churches out there there is by far more antimormon stuff out there then anti-any-other church and thats totally because satan knows that this is the true church. he doesnt even waste his time with the other churches cause he knows that they arent true. That was something cool that i realized this week and thought id share with you. cool, huh? also i dont think ill ever read the scriptures in english again haha, they are so much prettier in espanol :) this week im really loving Alma 18..ammon=power missionary!! also eter 12 loove, and lastly 2 nefi 2...such a great chapter. Oh tash/man, just a warning i was showing my district pics of my familia and you may or may not be receiving some letters haha...just a heads up. Thanks for all of the letters i got this week. sorry that sometimes i dont have enough time to respond to them all because i only can write on pdays. dont worry paolo you have one coming your way this week. i put a disney stamp on it just for you. dad, dearelder still works on my mission but its not free once im out in the field. ill have to pay every time to receive it so id rather get hand-written letters so i dont have to pay for them. glad you had fun with the missionaries. mom as far as the backpack things goes i dont really know whats going on so ill ask my mission president when i meet him on wednesday. I cant believe my time here is almost over. But im really excited to get out into the field. One, im super sick of the food haha so im looking forward to real food later on. also all i ever want to do is teach so im really excited to get to go out and find and teach real people. well i think thats about all for now. im doing laundry now and then ill head to the temple later this afternoon. Hope everything is going well, i love you all and miss you! Hermana Adorable SIDE ANECDOTE: Rinna was having issues with elders flirting with her at the MTC. One elder was particularly flirty so Rinna told him, "Hey Elder I bet Heavenly Father is so proud of you for staying so focused on your mission." That elder simply walked away. Oh snap! Way to put him in his place Rinna! :)

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